Friday, October 14, 2016 Helens letter

    hello fellow rainier 

I erupted because it is time to get empty because I was full since 1980 and I needed more space in my stomach! and it was also because you busted my bubble by making me MAD!
It felt horrible and it hurt a lot
I was erupting for 9hours
I had a lateral blast. There were two mudflows it took out thousands of trees. Seventeen eruptions between each other.

                                                        love, mount. St. Helens          


  1. hello jozalyn i first want say i love your blog and that email you gave to mt st helens is very detailed mt rainer will know exactly what to do thnk you for the awesome blog post

  2. I would like to say that there where some things in there witch made me laugh but, I would really know why Mt St.Helens erupted even though that was a very funny way to put the eruption I am pretty sure that that's not how she erupted.

  3. i loved your letter to mt rainier it was very interesting