Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Family

My Papa- likes to go hiking and running, and he loves going on bike rides with my family.

My Nani- likes going to restaurants with the family, and going on walks, and spending holidays with family.

My Uncle- likes playing sports with family and core stuff with my sister.

My Aunt- likes making cookies with her nieces and nephews and kids.

My Other Uncle- likes building stuff and playing football and other sports with family.

My Other Aunt- likes doing makeup wit her daughter and I and likes spending family dinners with the family.

My Dad-  likes to go hiking, work on cars, and spend time anywhere with our family.

My Mom- likes to cook and bake, go to the beach, and spend time with family.

ME!!!!!!!- likes prayer time with my family and unicorns and softball. 

My Sister- likes gymnastics, and playing softball with me.

My Other Sister- likes hearts and animals and snuggling with our parents and I.

My Brother- likes tractors, playing tag with family, and playing t-ball

My Cousins- like spending christmas and all holidays with each other.

                   We All Will Love Each Other

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